Alut ApS

Berlin in Denmark


A surprise selection of bottles, new content on every beer run.

Handpicked by Thor and Peter from the finest micro breweries in Berlin.

The April Surprise


3 of each type, 4 different types.

12 bottles x 30 DKK = 360 DKK + 25% VAT = 450 DKK

Limited quantities

We have already sold 3 surprises – so there are only 2 April surprises left!

Flaming Hills, Red IPA, 6.3%
Fruity hops, Malty body with caramel notes. A full mouth taste with a pleasant bitter finish.

East Goes West, Wit, 4.8%
Light and tangy. Pleasant sweetness after mature wheat and honey, balanced with hints of spice and citrus.

Bräugier, Nachtschwärmer, Schwarzbier

Bräugier, Nachtschwärmer, Schwarzbier, 5.2%

Black as the night, rich roasted malt but bottom-fermented for a butterfly lightness. Notes of coffee and dark chocolate with moderate hop bitterness and a subtle touch of citrus.

Bindlestiff, IPA, 6.2%
The Bindlestiff is no mere wanderer that is gone with the wind; packed in its bindle is an IPA with white peach, grape and tropical fruit notes. The perfect beer for kicking up your feet on a sunny day when you ought to be working!

Clear golden/amber body with a thick stable white head. Aroma of mango, guava, tropical fruits. Dry and hoppy bitter finish. Silky hoppy fruitiness.

Mini surprise

We have brought back an extra case of mixed German beer.

24 bottles in total, sold in mixed sets of 4 bottles for 60 DKK.

Do you trust us? Then let us add one or two mixed sets to your order 🙂

Limited quantity

There is only 1 mini surprise left!